Solar FiT Rates to be cut by 87% by 2016!

By 7th September 2015 No Comments

Last week  it emerged The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is proposing to cut the feed-in tariff rates for solar PV installations by as much as 87%.

If this drop in FiT rates becomes a reality, it is set to come into place as soon as January 2016.

The proposed rates are as follows:

Capacity Feed-in tariff rate (p/kWh)
0-10kW 1.63
10-50kW 3.69
50-250kW 2.64
250-1000kW 2.28
>1MW 1.03
Stand alone 1.03

Such a dramatic drop in rates will prove very damaging for the renewable sector. However we would greatly appreciate it if you would like to help us prevent this changes. Click here for a link to the petition aiming for an urgent review of this drop and help us save our solar!


Thank you!

Green Team Partnership


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