Reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions by burning sustainable fuel

Increasing fuel costs is one of the main reasons why many domestic consumers are turning to biomass boilers to provide their heating and hot water. Off-grid consumers can make huge savings on their fuel costs when burning wood chips or pellets in comparison to LPG, oil or Electric.

Biomass boilers are typically fuelled by using pellets, logs or chips. They basically burn fuel, producing heat which is then captured and transferred to your existing central heating and water system. Modern, advanced biomass boilers are fully automatic, controlling the amount of fuel and air supplied to the combustion chamber and as a result are highly efficient and emissions are low.

DECC have recently announced that the RHI tariff for domestic biomass installations will be set at 6.74p/kWh and are to be paid quarterly over a 7 year period and are linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI).  The Government are also offering an additional £200 per year to consumers who install heat meters to monitor the usage.  Metering is required in order for the system to comply with the requirements of the RHI scheme.

Not only is biomass a renewable, low carbon, sustainable fuel that is widely available throughout the UK it offers the following benefits:

  • High efficiencies, converting up to 96% of energy into usable heat
  • Potential to reduce your heating bill by more than 50%
  • A greener alternative to fossil fuel
  • Locally sourced fuel means a reduced carbon footprint
  • Cost effective for off-grid areas
  • Can be easily connected to virtually any existing heating system making it an ideal installation for retrofit
  • Substantial financial benefits from the RHI

A thorough survey of your premises is undertaken by our qualified heating engineer to assess your current system and calculate your heat load requirements and hot water needs. A design is prepared for you which includes the recommended boiler size estimated calculations on savings to be made, income generated under the proposed RHI, annual fuel requirements, fuel recommendations and upfront cost involved for your consideration.

To arrange a site survey or for further information on this or any other technology type, please call us on 01661 845 950.