Hargassner – Latest wood log gasification technology

Hargassner stands for pioneering spirit and vast experience. An excellent design and high quality construction provides the best functionality and optimal performance, resulting in high customer satisfaction and a long boiler lifetime.

  1. Large refill door
  2. Large log-filling volume for 1/2m logs
  3. Hot steel lining – prevents tar creation
  4. Lighting door with auto ignition
  5. Primary air motor
  6. Secondary air motor
  7. Refractory-lined combustion chamber
  8. High temperature post-combustion zone
  9. Ash separating zone
  10. Lambda sensor
  11. Turbulators
  12. Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger gas flow design

In order to use the energy obtained to its full potential, we use turbulators to force the heated air into an elongated spiral flow path as near as possible to the heat exchanger.

Back end protection

The return temperature is kept high through a fully insulated, directly mounted back end protection device.

Lambda sensor with fuel-quality detection

It doesn’t matter which fuel type you have stored – softwood or hardwood logs, briquettes etc – the control unit uses the Lambda sensor to detect the relevant calorific value. Your system is always working to produce the required heat output at optimum combustion values. This is the latest way to control your boiler – constant manual adjustment of the system to the fuel is a thing of the past.

Speed-controlled induced draught fan

Depending on the heat demand, the “Lambda-Touch-Tronic“ controls the speed of the induced draught fan. This ensures optimum combustion with low flue gas temperatures and the highest efficiency. The connection of the flue pipe to the chimney can exit vertically or horizontally.

Efficient insulation

The boiler is encased in a highly-effective “Overall-Insulation“. On the new gasification boiler as well as the outside frame and combustion doors being insulated, the boiler base and special design elements are now also insulated.



1/2 m wood logs. Perfect combustion. Perfect post-combustion, and hence a complete combustion at full or partial load is assured using pre-heated secondary air in combination with high density bricks. This leads to high efficiency values through lowest post-combustion emissions. Fully refractory-lined high performance combustion chamber Refractory has proven itself as the best material available in terms of heat storage, function and durability. As a result, even with partial loads, the boiler provides an optimal combustion process at high combustion temperatures. In addition the boiler includes a simple-to-use manual ignition after longer refilling intervals. Our commitment to high-quality materials ensures the long life-cycle of the refractory bricks.

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