Heat Pumps

Green Team Partnership have teamed up with Waterkotte UK, due to the fact that they have the technological portfolio which can integrate solutions into new developments or existing plant rooms specifically to enable our customers to gain maximum benefit from the government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Green Team Partnership works alongside you to select the right heat-pump heating design for your applications up to 10MWs, suitable for homes, offices, hospitals, schools, retail, industrial and commercial applications.

Because there is more to Waterkotte UK products than just buying your chosen system, together we will focus on the design, supply, installation and commissioning of complete biomass boiler systems. Giving you a full support package tailored to your needs.

Waterkotte head up a growing market for heat-pumps across the nation. Heat-pumps are one of the cleanest and most economical energy systems, stemming from the ground, the air and groundwater. Having been active in the industry for over 45 years on top of the experience of installing over 1000 units in the UK alone, Waterkotte have a proven track record within renewable technologies.

Heat pumps extract the thermal energy stored there and convert it to a temperature suitable for heating. It is only necessary to use a small amount of electricity to operate a heat pump.

The expense is approx. 20 – 25 % of the thermal energy obtained. Meaning that 80 % of the necessary thermal energy can be obtained free of charge from nature.