Solar PV – Domestic

How it works

Solar Photovoltaic panels are made up of photovoltaic cells. The panels convert light into electricity and will work all year round with the summer months providing the highest generation as it is lighter for longer.

The electricity generated by the panels is produced as direct current (DC). This is then passed through an inverter (normally located in the loft at the time of installation) as it needs to be converted into alternating current (AC) to be used as electricity in the home.

Benefits of Solar PV

By installing a Solar PV system you can take advantage of the Governments ‘Clean Energy Cash Back’ Incentive, otherwise known as the Feed in Tariff (FiT) The FiT currently pays you 3.93p for every unit of energy that your Solar PV system produces based on a <4KW system. Not only that, but huge savings can be made on your electricity bills and you also benefit by selling surplus electricity back to the grid. There are not only financial benefits to installing a Solar PV system but environmental ones too. By installing a solar PV system on your business premises or your residential home you are reducing your carbon footprint, reducing our reliance on pollutant fossil fuels and helping the fight against climate change.

Use the sun’s energy to generate free, clean, no emissions electricity

We have now carried out over 250 solar photovoltaic (PV) installations across the UK. Many homeowners are installing solar PV systems on their homes due to the rising costs of electricity bills. Consumers are looking for more cost effective, environmentally friendly ways of generating their own electricity. This not only reduces their carbon footprint, therefore, our reliance on traditional fossil fuels it also protects them from future rising costs of electricity.

Solar panels are an effective way of using free solar energy to reduce your energy bills and will offer:

  • Free electricity, all the electricity generated can be used by the occupier
  • Feed in Tariff payments for every unit of electricity produced
  • Additional income from selling back to the grid
  • Returns on your investment of up to 15%
  • Protection from future energy price rises
  • A reduction in your carbon footprint
  • Guaranteed, tax free, index linked income for 20 year period
  • 25 year guarantee on panel power output

Many factors need to be taken into account when having a solar PV system installed such as orientation, pitch of roof, roof type and structure or any potential shading factors. At Green Team Partnership, we carry out a thorough site survey and prepare a design for you based on either a ground mounted system or custom roof array.

A solar PV system is easy to install and with no moving parts and virtually no maintenance required, they make a sound investment. The income homeowners receive from the feed in tariff is fixed, guaranteed and index linked for a 20 year period with rates of return as much as 15%. We will gladly assist you with any applications that need to be made. Degression of the feed in tariff is one element of the scheme. This only applies to new installations as once your system is installed and registered, retrospective changes cannot be made. The current and future feed in tariff rates are listed in the table below:

Description 1st July 2018-30th September 2018
Standard Tariff (p/kWh)
> 4kW 3.93
> 4kW – < 10kW 3.93
> 10kW – < 50kW 4.17
> 50kW – < 100kW 1.79
> 100kW – < 150kW 1.79
> 150kW – < 250kW 1.79
> 250kW – < 1000kW 1.43
> 1MW 0.25
Stand Alone 0.12

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