Renewable questions

What renewable system is best for my home or business premises?

With many different systems available it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. Green Team Partnership offers friendly advice whilst explaining the benefits of each system. We go through the cost of having a renewable technology installed and the likely savings each technology would provide. We can also advise on potential grants and/or financial incentives that may be available to you.

Will I make savings on my energy bills by changing to a renewable system?

Not only will you make energy saving improvements to your home but significant savings can be made on your energy bill too. Contact one of our advisers to find out how much you can save.

What are the environmental benefits of renewable energy systems?

Installing a renewable technology offers many benefits but the main one is that you are helping to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. You can also reduce your home or business premises energy rating by installing one of the many technologies available.

Are there any grants available for installing renewable energy systems?

One of our advisers can talk you through whether there are any financial support that the Government has available to help with the cost of installing renewable energy systems. These can include grants and interest free loans or financial incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive or Feed in Tariff.

Biomass questions

What is a biomass boiler?

A biomass boiler is a boiler designed to burn solid fuels classed as biomass. Such boilers can be supplied to burn every form of biomass from woodchips, wood pellets or logs to waste agricultural materials such as straw and grain husks. Boilers need to be designed to burn specific materials, with any given boiler able to burn a limited range of biomass.

How easy is to connect a biomass boiler to my existing heating system?

Biomass boilers operate at a higher temperature, and hence pressure, than fossil fuelled boilers therefore adjustments may need to be made, however, we aim to provide a fuss free installation with minimal disruption to your home or workplace.

What maintenance does a biomass boiler require?

Biomass boilers burning even the most difficult of materials can operate unattended, but should be inspected regularly and the ashbin emptied. Annual servicing is a requirement under the RHI scheme.

What kind of fuel can be used in biomass systems?

Biomass systems can be supplied to burn every form of biomass from woodchips, wood pellets or logs to waste agricultural materials such as straw and grain husks. The aim is to provide heating and hot water, with high energy efficiency.

Could I save money by switching to Biomass?

Not only can you save money through your energy bills, you can receive an income through the Governments RHI Scheme. Contact one of our advisers for details on how much you are likely to save and receive.